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Here to help you
find Someone

If you are in the process of trying to locate someone and need extra support, you are in the right place. 

As a Forensic Medium I am able to use tools like Remote Viewing and Mediumship to help relay intuitive information that may lead to the recovery, reunion or closure of a missing person.


About Me

Dayna Bedecki | Forensic Medium

I began working in the field of Forensic Mediumship after several profound experiences verified that there is a "life after death" and that each of us has the means to communicate with Spirit when we are open to listening, asking and working with our gifts.


After several years of training as a Forensic Medium, I was invited to volunteer with an organization that helps locate missing persons; contributing to several meaningful cases. My work today focuses on helping families locate missing persons and help others communicate with those in Spirit for closure, compassion and Healing.

I offer my services to those who are ready to hear messages from Spirit and/or are looking for more information that may help lead to the discovery or closure of a missing person.





Receive support and information relating to missing persons, cold cases and relocating lost contacts. I will employ mediumship and tools like remote viewing to help relay as much information as I am able to;


If you are interested in communicating with someone in Spirit, a Medium session will give us the opportunity to connect and relay any information or messages coming through from loved ones;



STEP 01:
Book an Introductory Call

During this challenging time it's important you feel we are a good match for each other. Book a (complimentary) introductory call and we'll determine if I am able to tune-in and connect with the person you are looking for.

STEP 02:
Details & Expectations

Once we have validated that I am able to connect with your person (in current time, or in Spirit) we determine what level of support you are looking for. Each case is unique and requires us to have a good understanding of what is possible so as not to set unrealistic expectations.

STEP 03:
Delivery of Information

After our introductory call I will set time aside to tune in and connect with the person you are seeking, and write down/record as much of the information as comes through. The information is then shared with you, and discernment is used to determine whether any follow-up is necessary.

STEP 04:
Case-by-Case Outcomes

In some cases I am able to relay highly specific details that can help lead to the location of a missing person. Other times I am able to connect with someone in Spirit and offer comfort and closure to their family. Each case is unique and handled with as much compassion as possible.


I work closely with an organization called Find Me –a collection of psychics, mediums and forensic specialists who partner with local and national authorities to help locate missing persons and contribute to unsolved cold cases.  I have been working with this group since 2018, and have been vetted as a professional and contributor. For more information visit their site at

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